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Tarvin Plumbing at 3749 Eastern Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio

Tarvin Plumbing in 3749 Eastern Avenue, Ohio: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Phone: +1 513-898-0475


3749 Eastern Avenue,
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Reviews about Tarvin Plumbing

  • Scott Weston
    September 05, 2017
    1 /5
    I called Tarvin because they were local and had a high review score - wish I hadn't. The job included replacing two toilet flappers and fixing a thermostatic mixer on a shower (temperature control). I had a replacement valve for the temperature control that turned out to be the wrong size. The plumber from Tarvin said the control valve wasn't the problem anyway. Rather, there was a build-up of corrosion from lack of use. He cleaned it out, put it back together, told us it was working and charged us just under $500. When I tried the temperature control a week or so later, it did not work - same as before (but the toilet flappers did work). I called the office and explained that the part was not repaired. The receptionist was very nice and assured me that the report said the shower was fixed. She agreed to send another plumber out to check on it - that day. Wow, I thought, great customer service. The plumber arrived and told my wife that the report said the shower was fixed and that if we wanted him to do anything it would be at least $150. I have to give him credit for giving us the option to say "No, Thank you" - which my wife did. My son and I, who don't know squat about plumbing, decided to look at it ourselves. In 45 minutes, using a couple of wrenches and the internet, we determined that the temperature control unit was missing a part that rendered it useless. Interesting that three people at Tarvin assured us it was working when it was physically impossible for the control unit to work. We ordered the part on Amazon, installed it in 15 minutes and the shower works flawlessly. I can not recommend Tarvin for anything. It is clear to me that they don't have the expertise or the integrity to back up their work. Now, I'm thinking about quitting my job and becoming a plumber.
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About Tarvin Plumbing in Cincinnati, Ohio

Tarvin Plumbing is located at 3749 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.